Improve Productivity: Using Windows 10 Laptop as the second monitor for iMac

In many cases, we have a mix of devices like Apple iMac and Windows 10 Laptop. How can we use this both for our work? This article illustrates how we can maximize our productivity by using the devices we have.

We have a lot of options to consider iMac as second monitor for Windows PC or Laptop, but limited ones for extending windows laptop as second monitor for iMac or MacBook.

After doing some research by trying different apps AirPlay, 5kPlayer got a wonderful app DuetDisplay which resolved my issue. I want to make my windows 10 Laptop as second monitor for my iMac, where I can extend it for my work. Let's see how we can set this up.

Steps to setup this:

  1. Download the DuetDisplay app from in both windows 10 Laptop and iMac
  2. After installing the app, the app will show up as below.

3. There are 2 options to get your devices connected. Either through wired or Air (wireless). Click on Air, it will ask you to sign up. Enter the details and get the email verified.

4. In the same way, as mentioned in step 3. Open the DuetDisplay app in Windows. Click on Air, enter the login details that were created in step3.

5. In Windows , go to the settings of the app and click on “Enable Duet Air” to enable the Duet Air (wireless) option.

6. Select on the Desktop option in the app (installed in windows) it will show the iMac details and it is now ready to extend or Mirror as shown in the below screenshot. Select the iMac desktop displayed and click on extend.

Note: Make sure the DuetDisplay app is open and running in iMac

7. Once connected, Windows Laptop 10 will act as a second monitor extending the iMac. The app in iMac will show as Connected as shown below. To end the connection, click on Disconnect.


  1. First time of connectivity, the sharing of apps between the devices will be slow. In that case, please disconnect the connection and connect again.
  2. Both devices should share the same network. (wifi network)

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